Exhibit #5
Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore


Bacterial art depicting prayer timings based on astronomical calculations using a star clock.

Specifically designed and created for 'The Walled City Anthology' project.

mit exhibit 1.jpg
Global Community BioSummit 18
Exhibit #4
MIT Media Lab, Boston

'Living Colors'

Doodles colored with bacterial paints and a bacterial color-guide inspired from 17th century Boogert's book.

Breaking the
Boundaries -I
Exhibit #3
Basecamp, Peshawar 

'BioArt Collection'

Included bacterial wearable, bioplastic, engineered bacteria producing jasmine smell and hand microbiome.

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Exhibit #2
UET, Peshawar 

'Acrylic Paintings'

Included 6 master-pieces of acrylic paintings. 

Mega Science & Arts Exhibition
Exhibit #1
UAQ Schools Pakistan, Mardan

'Acrylic Paintings'

Included more than 50 art pieces. 

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