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Wrapped up my first ever space project that was categorised as 'the only bioart project'. 🙄 But today people, it is the last day of Sheherzade: The Walled City Anthology at Dehli Gate @WCLAuthority. Make sure you don't miss any of the amazing art installations including mine; Stellar. 💫 Specially designed for the historic Masjid Wazir Khan. . 'Stellar' is a living and functional art created with more than octillion of bacterial cells. I have represented timings for our five daily prayers based on calendrical and astronomical calculations, and with an imaginary 24 hour star clock! The main piece of the art is the large asterism consisting of seven bright stars of the constellation, Al Dubb Al Akbar and Al Qibla star of another constellation, Al Rakabah. These heavenly beautiful prominent stars are observable only from Northern hemisphere, blissfully including most of the Asia. Nature doesn’t have any boundaries therefore, creates the best of all art pieces in the whole universe. This bioart aims to attempt the same stunt intersecting art, biology, mathematics and astronomy. Also depicting Islam as the most timeless religion for all mankind. .

Very grateful to all the artists who've mentored; especially Saima Zaidi and Umar Hameed. Extremely thankful to my soul-friend @asemfkhan for being there with me the entire time, creatively setting up the whole display and managing my overall work. Thanks to my Hazrat-AbuBakr Sadiq-like friend, @dijo__s for her generous support! Thanks to the whole communication designers' team and the three volunteers; Mahnoor, Sitara and Faiz ullah. No doubt, they've fabulously explained the bioart in my absence! Love you all!🖤